Cushy Cupboards is an all new shelf lining product that lies flat, won't wrinkle, cleans easily, is non-porous so it won't stain, and has just the right amount of traction so pots, pans, plates, glasses, and even clothing slide effortlessly into place. Most importantly, Cushy Cupboards not only protects shelves from dings and water damage, it also protects dishware from breakage. Whether you are protecting the finest wood finish or covering some distressed shelves, Cushy Cupboards is the product for you!

Cushy Cupboards Is The Ultimate In Shelf Liners

What are the top 10 reasons to buy Cushy Cupboards?

1. Lies flat.
2. Kitchenware slides into place.
3. Cushions dishes.
4. Protects shelves.
5. Water resistant.
6. Easy to clean.
7. Stain resistant.
8. Easy to install -- no sticky back or messy adhesive.
9. Can be trimmed for a custom fit.
10. Great for wire shelving.

But Wait! There's More!

Cushy Cupboards is not like any other liner.
It is not rubber based, which causes glassware and dishes to stick and not slide into place.

It is also thicker than other liners to cushion and protect glassware and dishes from chipping and breaking.

Cushy Cupboards has no ribs, so it won't collect dirt that is hard to remove and clean.

There are no holes to allow crumbs and moisture to collect on your cabinets and cause damage.

It keeps pot and pans from making black marks on the cabinet surface

With Cushy Cupboards, everything slides right into place with ease!