Still not convinced that Cushy Cupboards is the best shelfliner available? Well, don't just take our word for it. Below are testimonials from professional organizers and customers that have discovered the benefits of Cushy Cupboards.

Thanks for your call yesterday and also for the tip about using your product on a wire closet system. I used it today with a client, and it was wonderful!! I will continue to use it in this manner and will be promoting it for kitchens as well.

Thanks again for letting me know about this wonderful product, and I will stay in touch.

Best regards,

Carol Keller, Owner
Organizing Experts

I love Cushy Cupboards! I would like to place a link to your product on my website and mention your company in my next electronic newsletter. This stuff is everything you said it was -- and more. I plan to keep the sample with me and demonstrate to clients. I especially like the way it works on wire shelving, since most new homes out here install that type in closets and kitchens and it is a real pain to work with. Prior to Cushy Cupboards, we usually either removed the wire shelving or used plywood on top, but Cushy Cupboards is a less expensive and easier solution.

Good luck with it, and let me know when your distribution will be coming to the Seattle area!

Robin Stephens
RealTime Solutions

As a user of Cushy Cupboards, I not only use them in my cupboards but also my refrigerator. I have found them to be excellent pads for my vegetable drawers. Not only do they provide cushioning for my veggies and fruits, but also they are easy to clean. Instead of having to take out the drawers, I simply remove the liners, wipe them clean and put them back. Great product, good for a number of different uses around the house.

Margie Gephart
Coto De Caza, California

News about a great new product travels fast! I want to share this with you.

As a professional organizer, you know that I recommend Cushy Cupboards to all my customers because I truly believe it's the best shelf liner on the market today. My clients are so satisfied with their newly lined and organized shelves that they are "showing them off" and recommending Cushy Cupboards to their family, friends, and neighbors. Referrals that I receive from these clients not only request DeeClutter services, they insist I install Cushy Cupboards in their homes as well.

Wow, that speaks volumes for your product. Thanks for Cushy Cupboards.

Best Regards,

Dee Ogburn
Professional Organizer
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

I bought 2 large rolls of your product at the LA Food Show and am currently using it in my pot sink area. It helps greatly stopping the sheet pans from sliding and allows them to air dry, as per regulations. I no longer have to have towels on the counter, and the product wipes up easily.


Richard Friedlander
Director of Hospitality
700 N. Stoneman Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91801